Colleaga is an orchestrated network of collaborative mission-based innovation programs to improve health and social systems.


Explore how Colleaga brings together public, academic and industrial innovation to convert wicked problems into opportunities for economic growth. ​


Join innovation communities of health and social system professionals, inventors, entrepreneurs, and doers to contribute to innovation projects.


Learn more about how our platform enables our communities to solve wicked, complex problems.

Innovation Project Accelerators

Colleaga's Innovation Project Accelerators cultivate mission-based innovation programs and foster communities of experts to address specific health and social problems. By combining active learning with a disciplined innovation process, we successfully create portfolios of novel innovation projects.

Colleaga Innovation Fellows

Colleaga nurtures teams of select high potential individuals within Innovation Project Accelerators to improve health and social systems while enhancing individual expertise. Take part in our disciplined, active-learning innovation process which ensures that projects are scalable, valuable, and actionable. ​

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Experiential Learning Systems

Colleaga offers members access to a variety of learning programs, events, and workshops to share insights and learning. Members have access to open knowledge-sharing repositories and content developed and curated by peers, distinguished faculty mentors and subject matter experts.

Catalyzing Innovation in Colleaga Collaboration Zones

Our Collaboration Zones orchestrate creative collisions between Innovation Fellows and Community Members. Engage within our community which helps build impactful partnership opportunities, with access to our experiential learning system and expert events and workshops.

Colleaga Community Members​

Colleaga facilitates knowledge-sharing within an open-access community of health and social system professionals, inventors, entrepreneurs, and doers. Join mutually rewarding innovation partnerships, all collaborating to transform health and social systems.​

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Mission Based Innovation Partnerships

Colleaga helps innovators and their ecosystems achieve their desired impact through orchestrating mission-based innovation partnerships. Using structured ideation and enhanced engagement between all partners, we develop thriving innovation communities to solve wicked problems.

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